Obituary For Sue Phoebe May

Born 6 Nov 1946 in Long Branch, New Jersey departed this physical world on November 29th 2015. Sue had one son, Jason S. May of Converse, Texas. She worked 35.5 years for civil service with the Army and the Air Force. She then worked 6.5 years for a contractor also working for the government. She worked at Fort Monmouth, NJ, Pope AFB, NC, Spangdahlem AB, Germany, Kelly AFB, TX and Hill AFB, Utah. In her 42 years she traveled extensively and met a lot of incredible people. She is now at peace.

Letter to Friends

I want you to know that it has been my pleasure to have been your friend for so long. My life has been so much better having you a part of it. We’ve been through a lot, some good; some bad. But in the end it was either fun or a learning experience, sometimes both. I want you to celebrate my life, don’t mourn my death. It was apparently my time to say good-bye. I love you so very much and would not have had as wonderful of a life without knowing you. I am very glad that I moved back to San Antonio because I don’t think my doctor in Utah would have found these issues that I have. I am so happy I got to be near Jason for a few months. He is the best thing in my life so this is where I needed to be.

Have no regrets in life. Know that you have enhanced my life. Please think of me once in a while and think of something good and smile. Leaving this world now was not my idea, but I have evidently fulfilled whatever destiny I was here for. Be strong in what you believe, do service whenever possible and thank God for every day you have, and for your family and friends. Thank you for always being there for me. Love and thank you so very much for everything,

Sue Phoebe May

Sue P. May